March 18, 2019 - MARGED

CO NI OFF 2019!

What an interesting evening we had at Gŵyl Fwyd Caernarfon’s fourth annual Curry Competition, which has developed to be a very popular event. The audience have the power, with 80 of them giving 10 local kitchen lovers’ curries a mark out of 10.

With different palettes and tastes, the scores differ from table to table with a lot of comparing and some light-hearted disagreeing! The individual scores were collected to give a total table score.

Some comments by the judges: “glorious curry”, “green and different”, “great for a cold”, “10 curries for £10 – bargain!!”

The atmosphere as always was completely relaxed, with the festival committee working hard to serve all curries – excellent work!

CO NI OFF 2019!

The evening’s MC was Geraint Lovgreen – and somehow, I ended up as the “glamorous assistant” collecting scores from each table. Have you seen the Eurovision Song Contest’s scoring system? Well, it was a similar situation at Feed My Lambs, with a different curry at the top spot for different tables!

With so much difference in opinion, the excitement was building up to hear the last table’s result, with it all riding on their marks!. But there was a clear winner – poet Rhys Iorwerth and his Beef Rendang! Llongyfarchiadau!


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