Gin O'Clock!


With 210 shots of gin poured, 114 slices of lime chopped, 60 bottles of tonic chilled and 70 welcome cocktails prepared, we were ready for an evening of gin tasting with Lowri and Ffion from Jinsan. And by 8 o'clock Clwb Canol Dre was overflowing with a mix of people, young and old, ready for a good night.

The girls began by sharing a great deal of history with us, from the early days of gin being mixed in bath tubs to the origin of the saying 'mother's ruin'. We tasted juniper berries with a strong gin flavor followed by coriander seed, having a mouthful of tonic that explained the origins of both.

And then it was time to taste and test; and everyone got three small glasses with different gin in them. Without a drop of tonic, it was possible to taste the gin in its simplest and strongest form, appreciating the different layers of flavors.

The next round distinguished between a cheap tonic and an expensive tonic, with about half the crew guessing correctly. I wonder, is a need to pay for an expensive tonic!

The final round was to experiment with different add-ons - including chilis, lime, oranges, coriander and sage. And now everyone was game to trying anything Lowri and Ffion recommended.

Ffion and Lowri held an interesting and fun evening with everything running like a watch and the gin flowing nicely. Many thanks to them and the following companies for their generous sponsorship - Anglesey Distillery, Slate Blue (Dinorwig), Fron Goch, Riverside Distillery and Aber Falls.

As a result of the contributions of the above companies and your support in buying tickets, we raised over £ 1,000 for the Food Festival.

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